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Professor David Oderberg among most influential living philosophers

Professor David Oderberg

Professor David S. Oderberg, Department of Philosophy, has been named among a list of the top 50 most influential living philosophers.

Professor Oderberg appears alongside eminent philosophers including Saul Kripke, Noam Chomsky and Jurgen Habermas. He specialises in exploring how Aristotelian and medieval philosophical ideas help us understand current issues in metaphysics, ethics, and other areas of philosophy.

 “I am flattered by the inclusion, and find myself in some auspicious company,” says Professor Oderberg. “Needless to say, ‘influence’, like ‘impact’, is not an end in itself. Every academic aims, in part, to influence others, both their peers and the wider public, so it is always gratifying to receive some corroboration of this, from whatever source.”

Professor Oderberg firmly believes that ‘influence’ of this nature should be focused on the search for truth and understanding, not changing minds or influencing views for the sake of it. “If some people, along the way, end up agreeing with you, or being influenced to disagree with you in ways that challenge you to improve your own thinking, so much the better.

“As an ‘analytic philosopher’ I focus on philosophical topics and the ideas that can help in finding rigorous solutions to contemporary problems. What unifies my research is the attempt to rehabilitate philosophical ideas from the ancient and medieval period that were lost or discarded during the Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution, showing that they still have value and can help us get to the bottom of important current issues.”

The list was compiled by The Best Schools, a resource for prospective students seeking a U.S. college or university degree and for those wanting to keep up with education-related news.

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