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Campus Card ready to use again

Campus Facilities

Users of the Campus Card can now use it to pay for services at the tills again. This follows the successful transition to a new cashless system, SymPay.

Existing balance from your individual card should have been transferred, which can be confirmed by accessing the Campus Card Portal. As before, the portal can be used to top-up your card, pay any Library fines and for the use of printers across the campus.

Key improvements to the service include:

  • contactless card payment
  • ability to top-up the Campus Card by £1 and £5
  • simplified online balance information
  • scrapping of £50.00 expenditure limit
  • no need to use an MST machine to transfer balances between on-card accounts and online accounts to pay for printing, photocopying, Library fines, or to transfer a balance from an old/lost card to a new one.  

As the new cashless system does not have the limitations of the old system, the terms and conditions of the Campus Card have been updated.

The transition also means that all transaction history from before 1 August 2016 will be lost. If you require this information, the Campus Card Systems Team can produce a copy for you upon request.

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