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Should parents be trained to give their children therapy?

Dr Cathy Creswell

Dr Cathy Creswell appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning discussing her research on the famous 'red sofa'

It is estimated that in every classroom there are three children with mental health problems. A new study by the University of Reading has found that delivering Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) via parents could be an efficient and effective way of treating childhood anxiety disorders.

Dr Cathy Creswell from the University's School of Psychology and Clinical Language Studies appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning discussing this research on the famous ‘red sofa'

Watch the clip of Cathy on BBC Breakfast >>>

The lead for the current study, Dr Kerstin Thirlwall, who was supported by a Fellowship from the Medical Research Council, said: "We studied 194 children who had a variety of diagnoses, including generalised anxiety disorder, social phobia, separation anxiety disorder, panic disorder/agoraphobia and specific phobia."

To find out more about the research see the latest press release.

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