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The University of Reading Student Charter

student charter

recognises the importance of an effective partnership commitment between the University and its students

A new Reading Student Charter has been created that aims to explain in simple terms what students can expect of the University, as well as outlining what is reasonably expected of students by the University.

The University's Board for Teaching and Learning and the Students' Union have been working together to develop this charter that clearly sets out what we all require of each other. It recognises the importance of an effective partnership commitment, in which the University and its staff have professional obligations but where students are also responsible for themselves as learners and as individuals.

It is not a contractual document, but provides a guide to what students, the University and the Students' Union can expect of each other.

Dr Paddy Woodman, who lead the University's role in the creation of the Charter said; "this was a genuinely joint initiative between the Students' Union and the University. We both held a number of events to gather views. There was a good deal of support both from staff and students and it was not a difficult task to reach agreement on what the key points of the Charter should be. Much of it actually boils down to 'respect' and 'responsibility'"

All new students will be given a copy of the Student Charter as they begin their University career and posters will be displayed in Schools and Departments from October.

To read the Charter online, please visit There is also a permanent link to the Charter from the staff portal A-Z links - ‘Student Charter'.



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