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'Like' the University on Facebook!

University of Reading on Facebook

'Please 'like' us on Facebook, and why not follow us on Twitter too?'

Calling all Facebook users - we need your help! The Communications Office is pleased to announce the launch of the University of Reading Facebook page which exists to represent the University as a whole. In order to raise awareness of the new page we need as many people to 'like' it as possible...

The University already has numerous successful departmental Facebook accounts, but up until now we have been lacking an 'official' central Facebook presence to keep people informed of the latest University news, open days and events.

To 'like' the page you must already have a Facebook account, or you can sign up for one on the Facebook home page. Then all you need to do is follow the link below and click ‘like' at the top of the page!

Visit and 'like' the new University of Reading Facebook page >>>

We are also on Flickr (a photo sharing website) and Twitter (@UniRdg_News), alongside many other University accounts including: @UniRdg_Alumni, @UniRdg_Student, @MERLReading. View a full list of University Twitter accounts >>> (please let us know if your account isn't listed here!).

If you are interested in finding out about how you might be able to use Twitter and Facebook to your department or office's advantage, why not book onto one of Digital Development's courses through CSTD?

There are both beginner and advanced level courses running each term - visit the CSTD website or Employee Self Service (see the link under 'Other portals' on the left hand side) for more information. There are also some handy guidelines and official versions of the University device (which can be used as profile pictures) available from the Digital Development Team.

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