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Two major student exhibitions

piece from art show

Just one of the pleasures of working for the University of Reading, is the opportunity we have to see the remarkable work our students produce. Two end of year shows are approaching in the Departments of Art and Typography & Graphic Communication that are a ‘must see'.

From Monday 13 June - Friday 24 June, between 10am and 4pm, everyone is welcome to attend the Exhibition which this year showcases the exciting work of 55 graduating students from the University's renowned Department of Art.

Head of the Department, Alun Rowlands said: "This exhibition is the culmination of our undergraduate and postgraduate work, research and their experience of studying art. Visitors will encounter performance as masquerade, sculpture exploring the currency of folk, the immateriality of digital images, storytelling and blogging as theoretical fiction.

"As well as large scale painting and storytelling, other highlights include a filmic tribute to deceased pets, a giant plastic bubble the size of house and the sound of defrosting gramophones!"

The Degree Show is accompanied by a three-part newspaper publication featuring all the finalists with guest editorials from Simon O'Sullivan (Goldsmiths), artist Ed Atkins and Caroline Drever (Art History), designed by Georgina Henshall & Liam Yeoh, Department of Typography.

Visit the degree show website

From Tuesday 21 June - Saturday 25 June between 9am - 5pm (Saturday 10am - 3.00pm), staff and the public are invited to view displays of work of 23 students from the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication.

Director of Teaching and Learning in the Department, Eric Kindel said: "Our undergraduate displays show students working across a challenging spectrum of design scenarios, involving digital and print media, and which include work from our professional assignments scheme -- real jobs done for real clients. Our postgraduate displays bring together results from an intensive phase of practical working that encompasses the design of books and catalogues, mobile apps and wayfinding systems, and the presentation of complex data and user-friendly ways."

Why not ‘take a break' from your desk and seize the opportunity to visit the two departments and see some of the extraordinarily innovative work created by some of our talented students before they venture into the world of work. You may even be witness to the first works of the next Damien Hirst or Ruth Kedar *


*Designer of the google logo

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