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Life Science Work Sessions

Work sessions are question driven one hour forums where a Life Scientist will present a question in their research area which requires input from the engineering, physical, mathematical or statistical sciences. Work sessions are informal and are designed to facilitate interdisciplinary interaction between the sciences. The audience is encouraged to ask questions during the session. If you have a Life Science question you believe may be suitable for a work session then please do e-mail Prior engineering, physical, mathematical or statistical input into a question is not a pre-requisite.

Work sessions are held from 1-2.30p.m. in Room 314 (3rd floor) of the Mathematics biuilding.

Autumn 2010

3rd December - Nutritional Biomarkers

Dr Gunter Kuhnle (Food Biosciences, Reading)


Summer 2010

5th May - Predicting potency from similar compounds

Robert Stanley and Mark Gardner (Pfizer, Sandwich, UK)


Autumn 2009

4th November - Three dimensional cell ultrastructure revealed by x-ray microscopy and novel organelles in Chlamydomonas

Dr Tony Stead (School of Biological Sciences, University of London)


18th November - In-vitro growth of structured epithelium cells 

Drs Claudia Doel and David Schley (Institute of Animal Health, Pirbright Laboratory)


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