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SB @ Reading  2011

2.00-5.30p.m. Thursday 24th March 2011

Palmer Building, Room 106, University of Reading.

No registration necessary, but if you plan to come for afternoon tea and/or the drinks at the close of the meeting please e-mail to ensure we have enough for all!

Full Programme

Programme overview

2.00-2.05 Welcome


2.05-2.35 Bioinformatics and Systems Biology at the molecular Level: From sequences to structures, functions and interactions

Liam McGuffin (Biological Sciences)


2.35-3.05 Hunting for plant pathogen effector proteins of the barley powdery mildew host-pathogen interaction using proteogenomic, in silico structural and functional characterisation

Laurence Bindschedler (Chemistry)


3.05-3.45 Afternoon tea & posters


3.45-4.15 An asymptotic analysis of thrombin generation

Joanne Dunster (Biological Sciences and Mathematics & Statistics)


4.15-4.45 Models and Algorithms for Phylogenomic inference

Andrew Meade (Biological Sciences)


4.45-5.30 Close, drinks and posters


Past Events


SB @ Reading 2010

This was held on Thursday 15th March and saw around 50 delegates internal and external to the University attend talks on a range of topics in Systems Biology research.


RSBN Launch Day

17th April 2009

This meeting attracted over 80 people from a range of disciplines across the University of Reading as well as industry.

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