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Research Staff induction

Spring blossomNew Research Staff are encouraged to join the main new staff induction days for general information about the University and the role of research within it.

Please book a place through Employee self-service

You should also receive a local induction from your School and be allocated a mentor to guide you through the research specific aspects of working at the University. Contact your School Executive Administration for further details.

Your Principal Investigator should also provide you with the details of the research project and explain the support and development you can expect whilst working at the University. Here is a checklist of topics to ask about.

In addition to the above resources, this booklet is available to provide you with an explanation of what you can expect from the University and from your Principal Investigator to support you in your role and in your career development. It also outlines your responsibilities in line with the expectations of the University of Reading and the funders of research including UKRI.

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