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RCUK Briefing on Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave and Pay

RCUK logoThis comprehensive briefing provides information relating to Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave and Pay from the Terms and Conditions of Grants and Training Grants, the RCUK Training Grant Guide and Research Council Funding Guides. It is intended primarily for Research Council funded students and researchers to assist their discussions with their supervisors and line managers; it will also be useful for staff in research offices, HR and equality and diversity specialists.  Download the full RCUK Maternity, Paternity,and Adoption Leave and Pay Briefing.

Changes to who will conduct your Performance and Development Review

The University has revised the Local Concordat to take into account the change to Performance Development Review (PDR). Research Staff will be reviewed by their Principal Investigator in future, however they have the right to have another reviewer appointed should they wish. Schools will provide trained mentors for their Research Staff for confidential discussions about their career development.

The University consulted the Research Staff Committee and the Research Staff Working Group before these changes were made

The reasons for the change are as follows:
If being reviewed by a senior colleague rather than the Principal Investigator continued it would set up a complex three way conversation about performance that would waste time and increase the chance of compromising the confidentiality of the researcher.

The original policy was established because of a potential conflict of interest between the research project's short-term priorities and the researcher's longer term career development. Now, all reviewers receive training in the delivery of the PDR and this highlights the centrality of the researcher's welfare within the process. Should this still be an issue the researcher has the right to an alternative reviewer.

School Response
Some Schools have already set out their plans for PDRs under the previous system. Therefore it is quite possible that this year nothing will change.

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