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Promotion for Research Staff

Promotion proposals for Research staff from Grade 6 to Grade 7

These should focus on the criteria outlined below. Promotion

  • In particular, the proposal should detail the ways in which the candidate has demonstrated independence as a researcher.  
  • Post holders will have demonstrated a degree of independence as a researcher and be expected to make significant contributions to the writing of grant proposals;
  • Post holders will be making significant contributions to research outputs of international quality and will contribute to gaining substantial external research funds;
  • Post holders are normally expected to manage research projects and supervise teams, including other researchers, technicians, clerical staff and research students, providing expert advice and guidance;
  • Post holders may be expected to make a significant and sustained contribution to strategic developments in science of national/international importance. 
  • For further information see Rewarding Staff on the HR web site.
  • Research Staff on Grade 7 seeking promotion to Grade 8 see Academic Promotions

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