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RSCImageThe University of Reading Research Staff Committee (RSC) provides formal representation for research staff within the University. We meet once a term to discuss issues raised by research staff and act as a forum for issues of general concern to all Research Staff. Three members of the RSC sit on the University's Research Staff Working Group (RSWG) which, in turn, feeds into both the Staffing Committee, and the University Board for Research. The RSC therefore has a route directly into these influential committees to raise matters salient to Research Staff. Recent RSC activity includes contributing to the development and implementation of the Local Concordat and Vitae Researcher Development Framework and organising the Research Staff Conference in collaboration with Staff Development.

Any member of the University's Research Staff can propose agenda items via committee members. Whilst we cannot necessarily champion individual issues, we can offer advice on appropriate sources of help and information. The aim of the RSC is to have representation from each School. The current members of the RSC are shown in the table below. To date, membership has been on a self-elected basis, where a member of Research Staff has expressed an interest in joining, but the longer-term goal is to secure democratically-elected representation from each school.

Research Staff Committee Members

 Name  Email School
Steve George School of Mathematical Physical & Computational Sciences (Meteorology)
James Hall Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy
Lynn Moore People Development
Suvarna Punalekar Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Sciences
Chris Turnbull Agriculture Policy and Development
Gemma Watson Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Sciences

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Chair of Research Staff Committee:

Steve George


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