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Student holding degree3Research & Enterprise Development can help academics with applications to secure funding for postgraduate studentships from external sources.  Research Councils represent the main source of postgraduate studentships but it is becoming increasingly important to secure funding from other sources, such as charities and trusts, industry and other government bodies.  These pages provide information on studentships offered by the Research Councils and Other funding organisations

Please click on link for Guidance on CASE Studentships (PDF-99KB).

In addition to stand-alone studentships, which are covered in these studentship pages, academics may (depending on grant criteria) request postgraduate funding as part of research grant applications. For further information please contact Research & Enterprise Development Managers for your area.

Note for Students

Unfortunately Research & Enterprise Development Managers cannot offer help directly to individual students.  Most postgraduate funding schemes require the academic to apply and few sponsors allow direct student applications. If you are a student, either prospective or registered, looking for funding you could:

  • Speak directly to the academic(s) in your area of interest, as they may have been successful in obtaining a studentship and are looking to recruit a student or they may require a named student to include in a studentship application.

  • Contact the  who are the hub for all doctoral research activity across the University.  They work in partnership with your School or Department to provide you with the support and skills training that you need to fulfill your potential as a developing researcher.

  • Contact the Student Financial Support Team in the Student Services Centre. They can provide advice on financial issues, including sources of funding available to students, as well as advice on how to apply to the annual University Studentships competition.

  • Talk to the Careers Centre who have access to the Funder Finder web-based database which can help identify appropriate charitable funders.

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