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    Factors to consider:

    • The target market - who is your ideal customer?  What is the size of the market?  Is there a demand for your course? How many students/customers do you need to recruit?
    • The Competition who are they and what they are offering?
    • How is your course distinctive from existing offerings?
    • Pricing - does it at least meet FEC (especially if bespoke) and does it fit with market expectations?
    • Place - where will training be delivered? Does it need to be on campus? Distance learning, at the clients premises, etc


    • How to reach potential customers - mailing lists, personal contacts, networking, online promotion, Alumni -Literature - brochures, flyers, etc -Online promotion

    Implications on resource (marketing to be included in costs of delivery)

    Please contact Kirsti Wilson (Marketing Manager) for further information: 
    Email   Tel No. 0118 378 8096


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