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If any CPD students are on a credit-bearing course which has more than 0.03 FTE, then they must be on RISIS, so that they can be returned to HESA.

    If their FTE is greater than 0.03 on a non-credit-bearing course or is less than 0.03 on a credit-bearing course then whether they are registered in RISIS depends on pragmatic issues such as whether the students need access to Library and IT services or, in the case of an overseas student, a CAS Certificate of Acceptance of Study (CAS).

    If a new course is being set up, Schools should notify their Faculty Office, who would then notify the RISIS Office of the need for registration of a new course. There would then be a discussion about the best way to get students' details onto RISIS - via the applications route, or by creating the enrolment records directly on RISIS, or by using the short course bookings route.

    For further information please contact:
    Email   Tel No. 0118 378 6251



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