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Impact and the Physical Sciences

The following slides give examples of types of impact in the Physical Sciences.


Impact case studies

Impact was assessed as part of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 through impact case studies.  The following links give the Life Sciences Impact case studies submitted by the University of Reading to the REF.

UoA 7: Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences 

Assessing the effect of climate change on the flood risk to London to inform flood management strategies

Climate Emission Metrics for Policymakers

Developing modelling tools to support integrated catchment management

Drought monitoring & early warning for African food security using remote sensing of rainfall by the TAMSAT project

Limiting the disruption to aviation caused by volcanic eruptions using balloon observations and model testing eruptions

Mitigation of volcanic hazards using satellite and ground based radar

Storm prediction improved by sting jet discovery

Supporting climate policy through the assessment of the consequences of climate change

TRACK: identifying storms in meteorological data for quantitative analysis

UoA 8: Chemistry

Biocompatible polymer coatings for the long-term implantation of biomedical devices in humans

Collagen stimulating lipopeptides for cosmetic applications

Development of new chemical methods for waste management in future nuclear fuel cycles

UoA 10: Mathematical Sciences

Applying the mathematics of evolving networks for more effective social media marketing

Development of novel adaptive designs to improve efficiency in clincial trials

Informing international decision making on the protection of elephants

Ocean & climate forecasting improved by developments in data assimilation

UoA 13: Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Infrared optical filters for atmospheric remote-sensing and astronomy

Intelligent systems incorporating automatic classification & carbon footprinting for corporate E-procurement

Interfacing brains with machines: public engagement & potential to benefit human health and quality of life

All University of Reading Impact case studies can be found at the following link:

Impact case studies from competitor institutions can be found at the following link: 

A searchable database of all REF case studies is at the following link:


Things to do now


Contact the impact team

Anthony Atkin, Research Impact Manager

  • Telephone: ext. 7411

Tracey Duncombe, Research Impact Officer for Health and Food

  • Telephone: ext. 4182

Jessica Lutkin, Research Impact Officer for Heritage and Creativity

  • Telephone: ext. 7395

Katie Cooper, Research Impact Officer for Environment

Telephone: ext. TBC


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