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Visualisation of DNAThere are lots of tools and services available from the University of Reading and external bodies, such as the Digital Curation Centre (DCC), which can help you manage your data. What do you need to do?


I need to create a data management plan:

An online tool to assist you in creating a data management plans according to your funder's requirements. DMPonline includes funder-specific templates with tailored guidance and examples to help you write your data management plan.

The DCC Checklist for a Data Management Plan
This checklist presents the main questions or themes that researchers may want to cover when writing a data management plan.

How to Develop a Data Management and Sharing Plan
This 'How-to guide' from the DCC takes researchers through the what, why and how of creating a data management plan.

Research and Enterprise Development
The Research Enterprise Development team are the principal source of support for research funding applications.

Data management costing tool
The UK Data Archive has developed a simple activity-based costing tool that can be used for costing data management activities. It is designed for researchers in the social sciences but is adaptable to other disciplines.

Specialist Research Support

The Specialist Research Support service provides specialist IT support for research activities in computing intensive Schools. The service is provided to ensure Schools which have a demanding or subject-specific computing element are properly supported.


I need to check my research funders' requirements:

Funders' data policies
Summaries of key UK research funders' data policies from the DCC, with links through to policies.

RCUK Common Principles on Data Policy
The RCUK Common Principles on Data Policy provide an overarching framework for individual Research Council policies on data policy.

A searchable registry of research funders' Open Access policies, including data archiving policy details.

Open Access Information for Researchers
The University website for Open Access guidance and support.


I need to store my active data:

File Storage

The University's File Storage Service provides researchers with secure storage for electronic research data. Use the IT Self Service Portal to apply for a collaborative share (no charge up to 100 GB). If you will need to store 100s GB/TB of data for your project, dedicated research data storage is available at a cost. Speak to your Research Development Manager when applying for funding.


I need to find a repository for my data:

re3data.orgStack of Floppy Discs
A registry of research data repositories.

A curated, searchable portal of inter-related data standards, databases, and policies in the life, environmental and biomedical sciences.

Software Sustainability Institute
The Software Sustainability Institute provides community, consultancy, policy and training services to researchers who build and use software.

UK Data Archive
The UK Data Archive is the curator of the largest collection of digital data in the social sciences and humanities in the United Kingdom. It collects data from the academic, public, and commercial sectors, and is the designated place of deposit for data arising from ESRC-funded research. Its website provides a wealth of information, guides and resources for researchers.


I need to prepare my data for sharing or preservation:

Disciplinary Metadata
This DCC resource provies links to information about disciplinary metadata standards, including profiles, tools to implement the standards, and use cases of data repositories currently implementing them.

Creative Commons Choose a Licence
Use this tool to select a licence with the correct mix of permissions for your dataset. The tool will generate the correct licence statement and marking which can be included in the dataset documentation and metadata record.


I need to find out more about Intellectual Property Rights and Research Data:

University of Reading Information Management and Policy Services
Here are found the University's Information Framework policies, including those on Data Protection, Freedom of Information, Intellectual Property Rights, Information Security, and Encryption.

University of Reading Intellectual Property Management advice
Here you can obtain advice on management and exploitation of any IPR in the data you generate.

Creative Commons Choose a Licence
Use this tool to select a licence with the correct mix of permissions for your dataset. The tool will generate the correct licence statement and marking which can be included in the dataset documentation and metadata record.


I need to find out more about Research Ethics and data:

University of Reading Research Ethics
The website of the Research ethics Committee.

University of Reading Quality Assurance in Research
Here you can find the University Code of Good Practice in Research.

UK Data Service: Consent for Data Sharing

Guidance and tools from the UK Data Service for obtaining consent from research participants for sharing their data.


I need to find out about training and general guidance:

Digital Curation Centre
The Digital Curation Centre (DCC) provides expert advice and practical help to anyone in UK higher education and research wanting to store, manage, protect and share digital research data.

The DCC provides access to a range of resources including How-to Guides online services and training programmes, which aim to equip researchers and data custodians with the skills they need to manage and share data effectively.

Digital Curation 101: How to Manage Research Data
Programme information and training materials for the Digital Curations Centre's half-day workshop providing an introduction to research data management. Free half-day workshops can be booked on request.

Digital curation training for all
A collection of training resources provided by the Digital Curation Centre for both researchers and those involved in research data curation, including webinars, online training and site-based workshops, bookable on request.

This is a freely available online research data management training course provided by the University of Edinburgh. It will help you understand and reflect on how to manage the data you collect throughout your research. Through a series of interactive online units you will learn about terminology, key concepts, and best practice in data management.

Research Data Bootcamp
A 30-minute online research data management tutorial from the University of Bristol. It will introduce you to the concept of research data, help you to recognise the importance of good practice in managing research data, and to apply it to your own research.

UK Data Archive training resources
The UK Data Archive provides tried and tested training resources in research data management. They are modularised and include introductory text, exercises, quizzes and answers. They are primarily geared towards social scientists, but many of the principles and practices are adaptable to other disciplines.




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