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The University of Reading Research Data Archive is a multidisciplinary online service for the registration, preservation and publication of research data produced or collected at the University of Reading.

University research staff and research students can register and deposit data in the Archive. Up to 20 GB of data per project can deposited at no charge. Deposits greater than 20 GB may be subject to a charge and must be discussed with us before the deposit is made.  

The Archive will enable you to comply with the University Research Data Management Policy and any relevant funder policy for the long-term preservation/sharing of research data. In particular you can:

  • Create and publish an online metadata record for a digital and/or non-digital dataset;
  • Generate a unique permanent Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for your dataset, so that it can be easily cited and linked to;
  • Deposit digital data files and related documentation for long-term preservation and access;
  • License your data and use access settings to control how your data files can be accessed and used.

More information and Archive policies can be found on the Archive Policies page.

If you have questions about using the Archive you can look for answers at the FAQs page or contact us with your enquiry. 


Depositing Data

If you wish to register data in the Archive or deposit data files for the first time, we strongly recommend that you contact us to book a preliminary consultation. We will help you prepare your data and documentation files for deposit, and address any relevant considerations, including intellectual property rights in the data, issues of consent and confidentiality, how the data will be licensed, and embargo and access control requirements for the data files.

As an eligible depositor you can deposit Datasets up to 20 GB in volume at any time without prior approval and at no cost.

Deposits greater than 20 GB may be subject to a charge and must be discussed with us before the deposit is made. Unauthorised deposits greater than 20 GB will be rejected.

Information resources are available to help you:

Data offered or submitted to the Archive will be assessed for both eligibility and value in accordance with the Archive Collection Policy. You can make a preliminary assessment of your data and the likelihood of their being accepted in the Archive using the Data Selection and Appraisal Checklist.

Before you contact us for a pre-deposit consultation or attempt to submit data to the Archive you are advised to read our Data Preparation Guide (PDF), which will help you prepare everything you need to submit an eligible and valid deposit. The essential requirements covered in this Guide are summarised in our 8-point Data Deposit Checklist (PDF).

Following your consultation, when you have everything ready, you can follow our step-by-step Data Deposit Instructions (PDF) to submit your data.

For guidance on what file formats to deposit your data in, you can refer to our list of Recommended File Formats (PDF).

If you are not sure what documentation to submit with your data, you can use our README template (txt file) to identify the basic documentation requirements for data being deposited in the Archive.

The Dataset Metadata Profile (PDF) specifies all the mandatory and optional metadata elements that can be completed when you create a Metadata Record for your Dataset. 


Data Access Statements

All published research outputs that rely on underpinning data should provide information about where and how to access these data. This is a requirement specified by the UK Research Councils, as well as other funders of research.

A sample statement for data in the Research Data Archive might be in this format:

The data supporting these findings are available in University of Reading Research Data Archive,

Please refer to our Data Access Statements page for more information on what you should include.


DOI Allocation Service

The University allocates Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to Datasets deposited in the Archive under a DataCite DOI Allocation Agreement with the British Library. Under this agreement any University service may allocate DOIs to digital objects providing this is done within the terms of the contract and according to the University DataCite DOI Policy. If you are a service owner and are interested in using the DOI allocation service please contact Robert Darby


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