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Research Data Management Policy

Wooden LettersThe University's Research Data Management Policy (PDF) sets out the requirements that research staff and students must observe in the management, preservation and sharing of research data. Underpinning Research Data Management Policy Guidance (PDF) provides more detail on the resources and services provided by the University, and explains how researchers can comply with the policy.

Researchers and research students have a responsibility to take care of the assets they generate while working and studying at the University, and to manage them in accordance with the policies of any funding bodies.

All research at the University, however it may be funded, is undertaken as part of our mission to promote wider social and economic benefit. We believe that the sharing of data supports open scholarly enquiry, promotes transparency in research, and allows for the greatest possible benefit to be realised from the resources invested in research.

Research data, by being well managed, can generate benefits for both the University and its researchers in terms of greater research impact, enhanced reputation, and increased return on investment.


Research Data Management Strategy

The University's Research Data Management Strategy (PDF) establishes a framework for RDM governance and service provision in the University, and sets the direction of travel for service development and delivery over the next few years. It is supported by a 3-year Operational Plan, owned by the Research Data Manager. The Strategy will guide us as we develop services to equip our researchers with the skills, means and motivation to manage and share their research data for the greatest possible benefit to themselves, to the University, to their academic peers, and to society. 

The Strategy is aligned to the aims of the national research community, as embodied in the UK Concordat on Open Research Data. We support the principle stated in the UKRI Common Principles on Data Policy, that 'publicly funded research data are a public good, produced in the public interest, which should be made openly available with as few restrictions as possible in a timely and responsible manner'.



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