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Management Accounts - Research and Costing guidance

Formal points to be aware of:

  • Contracts and Management Accounts - Research and Costing guidance are responsible for the formal acceptance of all research grants and contracts on behalf of the University.


  • The Investigator should not recommend acceptance of the award if the research to be undertaken will involve the University in expenditure for which no prior permission has been given.


  • Management Accounts - Research and Costing guidance has responsibility for ensuring that awards are administered according to appropriate rules and regulations of the external sponsor


  • All expenditure and income must meet the University's Financial Regulations covered in the University Finance Manual. 


  • All awards are subject to audit arrangements, both internal and external, in accordance with the Higher Education Funding Audit Guidelines


  • Any correspondence entered into by the Investigator with the funding body affecting the grant should be copied to Management Accounts - Research and Costing guidance


  • Commitments against grants/contracts may only be made once a formal offer of award has been accepted by Management Accounts - Research and Costing guidance


  • All awards are to the University and the Head of School  will have formal responsibility for the proper management of research projects undertaken by his or her staff


  • The financial management of grants and contracts must be the responsibility of Investigator's in the first instance. They are the only persons able to take a comprehensive view of expenditure on the project. Clearly this will also involve managerial action by other members of staff, for example the Investigator may delegate purchasing management to a member of the technical staff
    It is essential that all expenditure on the project is in line with the project budget and the sponsor's regulations

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