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Studentship Agreement

Where another organisation is fully or part-sponsoring a PhD studentship at the University (e.g. CASE studentships), the funding relationship involves many of the same issues as mainstream Research Agreements.

There are certain additional issues which we have to account for to protect the best interests of the student. These include ensuring the strength of the academic supervision relationship, allowing for submission of a thesis in any circumstances and ensuring the student retains copyright in their submitted thesis.

Additionally we ensure that if the student is to spend time at the Sponsor's premises that there are sufficient resources made available and that an appropriate level of supervision is maintained.

If you are contemplating a sponsored studentship, we would advise that you consult as early as possible with your school's Contracts Manager  Contact Enterprise Services so that the sponsor is made aware of our additional responsibilities to our students and how these will affect contracts for funding.

Research & Enterprise Services maintains example contracts for funded studentships, and these can be obtained from your Contracts Manager.

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