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Consultancy Agreement

The University has recently revised and simplified its policy & processes for Consultancy work by our staff. A dedicated information page is available on the Research & Enterprise Services website.  Generally consultancy can be thought of as providing expert advice or service which uses only existing knowledge and expertise.

The Research & Enterprise Contracts Team are the authorisation and sign off point for the legal arrangements for consultancy work delivered through the University.

You should note that academic staff are not authorised to enter into consultancy arrangements on behalf of the University in any circumstances.  You may become personally liable under any contract you sign.

The University has a standard set of terms for our supply of consultancy services, and these can be obtained from your school Contracts Manager Contact Enterprise Services or via the Collaborating with business webpage.

The Contracts Team also review and authorise agreements provided by the buyer or sponsor of the consultancy. Often companies will insist that their own terms and conditions are used, and here in R&E we are flexible and experienced enough to deal with those contract requirements once referred to us.

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