Research, Enterprise Development

The Research & Enterprise Development team are the principal source of support to academics and Schools to enhance research and enterprise funding and support the development of research excellence and enterprise opportunities


Academic Legal Services

Providing legal advice and contract support to academic and administrative colleagues in schools and central departments where the University is working with an outside body to exchange University (staff) expertise, knowledge, intellectual property and related resources to bring a benefit to the University



Facilities for businesses

State-of-the-art dedicated business and laboratory space, as well as virtual office space can be provided to clients


Management Accounts

Once a contract has been signed or a new award received the Management Accounts - Research and Costing team (part of Finance) forms the link between the Investigator and the Sponsor on the financial side of the project




Knowledge Transfer Partnership

Promoting and managing knowledge transfer activities at the University by developing and managing government funded partnerships with companies, enabling knowledge transfer through the employment of highly skilled graduates

picture for research data mgt

picture for research data mgt  Research Data Management

The University is in the process of developing a research data management service for researchers.  This will provide training, guidance and support for researchers on all aspects of research data management including data storage and sharing of data to comply with funder requirements.

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