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  • RED About us

    What is the RED Award?

    The Reading Experience and Development (RED) Award is the official University of Reading Employability Skills Certificate. It is here to help Reading students make the most of the extra-curricular activities and experiences on offer outside of the academic programme.


    The certificate is awarded alongside your degree and will support you to gain experience and stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive job market. The RED Award started in 2010/11 and there have been over 4500 students registering for the Award so far. The RED Award is supported by PWC and would like to that the Annual Fund for provide the funds necessary for this scheme to go ahead.

  • RED How to get started

    Things you need to know

    • The RED Award is open to all students

    • You will have the year in which you register to complete the award. If you registered before 2016, you will have until July 2017 to complete the RED Award

    • You can complete the award once during your time at Reading. However, if you have already completed the RED Award, you may complete it again during 2016/17 only

    • Core Activity and Volunteering hours can be completed worldwide!

  • RED Doing the Award

    What do I have to do?

    There are five steps in order to complete the RED Award:

  • RED Completing the Award

    Why do students complete the Award?

    Students who have completed the Award say that the RED Award:


    "Helps to demonstrate commitment, motivation and dedication"


    "Allows you to develop employability skills, examples for discussion at interview and extra information for your CV"


    "Gives you recognition for activities you may already be doing"


    "Provides an opportunity to meet new people and gain new experience"


    "Offers a chance to be more involved in university life and discover opportunities outside your degree"

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