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Structure of the Personal Tutorial System

The Personal Tutorial System is based on scheduled meetings between Tutors and their tutees. The Wind vaneminimum requirement is for three such meetings per year (plus an initial meeting during Welcome Week for new undergraduates).

For Part One students, the first meeting takes the form of a group tutorial meeting usually in Welcome Week, which should be followed up with individual meetings. Subsequent meetings are timed according to School needs to coincide with key points in the academic year, such as UKBA monitoring points, examination results or module selection.

For students in Parts Two, Three or Four the termly meetings should be scheduled as appropriate.

The Personal Tutorial System also encourages students to take the initiative to meet with their Tutors to discuss any issues or problems which arise at other times. Such meetings will be in addition to scheduled Personal Tutorial meetings.

Students should be actively encouraged to view their Personal Tutor as a first point of contact and as someone who can advise and support students across a wide range of issues and not someone whom they should only see when they have a problem.

Tutors should clearly communicate their availability to students regarding tutorial meetings, and the most effective method for contacting them. This is normally by email, but some tutors also post details of their regular 'office hours' on the door of their office.

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