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Senior Tutors

The Senior Tutor has general day-to-day responsibility for student welfare and guidance and a students studyingrole in discipline in matters affecting or relating to academic progress. In particular the Senior Tutor will have the following responsibilities and duties:

  • Oversight of the Personal Tutorial System within the School
  • Support of Personal Tutors within the School
  • Promotion of student development activities within the Personal Tutorial System
  • Student administration related to the Personal Tutorial System.

Students may arrange to meet with the Senior Tutor to discuss any matter which may be affecting their academic progress. The Senior Tutor will be able to offer general advice and information relating to further sources of assistance. Students should also see the Senior Tutor if they experience difficulties in their relationship with their Personal Tutor.

List of Senior Tutors

Duties and responsibilities

Below is an outline of the role of Senior Tutor in more detail. It is recognised there will be variation in practice depending on implementation and administrative structures within Schools.

Personal Tutorial System
Senior Tutors are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that Personal Tutors are aware of the various student development opportunities available to them at Reading, e.g RED Award, Student Ambassador Scheme, Placements as part of academic programmes, ERASMUS and Study Abroad Scheme etc.
  • Ensuring that all Personal Tutors are aware of their responsibilities and are notified of any updates and changes to the Personal Tutorial System.
  • Overseeing the administration of the Personal Tutorial System, i.e. providing a suggested agenda for meetings, ensuring staff arrange meetings with their tutees, and collecting attendance information from tutors.
  • Reporting on the Personal Tutorial System to Student-Staff Committee.

Support and development of Personal Tutors
Senior Tutors should:

  • Act as first point of contact for Personal Tutors, referring them to other services in the University as appropriate.
  • Foster awareness of and liaison with central support service providers such as Counselling and Wellbeing, Study Advice, Careers, Placement and Experience Centre etc.
  • Brief first-time Personal Tutors
  • Keep an overview of Personal Tutors' training and development needs.

Senior Tutors are responsible for:

  • Their own development and keeping up-to-date with developments within the University and sharing good practice.
  • Ensuring that information from the wider University, in particular from the Senior Tutor Community of Practice, is cascaded back to Personal Tutors.
  • Taking forward issues and concerns from Personal Tutors to the Senior Tutor Community of Practice or other relevant University groups.

Student-related administration

Senior Tutors should:

  • Contribute to the undergraduate student induction process; a talk within Welcome Week for example.
  • Where appropriate, monitor registration and attendance of students, especially first years, and follow up persistent absences.
  • Ensure that support is in place for students suspending, withdrawing or transferring.
  • Oversee the extenuating circumstances procedures, ensuring that students are notified of the procedures and deadlines and liaising with relevant staff and committees.
  • Be in attendance at and report to Examiners' Meetings as appropriate.

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