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List of Senior Tutors

Institute of Education - Dr Helen Bilton, Deputy Senior Tutor Jo Elsey

International Study and Language Institute - Dr Mark Peace

School of Agriculture, Policy and Development - Mr Nick Beard

School of Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Science - Dr Geoff Griffiths  

School of Arts and Communication Design - Dr Teresa Murjas

School of Biological Sciences - Dr Andrew Bicknell

School of the Built Environment - Dr Dylan Tutt (UG) and Dr Katherine Hyde (PG)

School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy - Dr Andy Russell

School of Humanities - Professor Lindy Grant

School of Law - Adrian Aronsson-Storrier (PG), Ms Rachel Horton (UG); Amanda Millmore (UG)

School of Literature and Languages

School of Mathematical, Physical and Computational Sciences- Dr Calvin Smith, Deputy Senior Tutor Dr Joy Singarayer 

School of Politics, Economics and International Relations - Ms Sue Peel

School of Psychology and Clinical Language Science - Alana James (Psychology undergraduate programmes), Dr Tim Salomons (Postgraduate and Clinical programmes)

Henley Business School

 Undergraduate Programmes:

Pre-Experience Postgraduate Programmes:

Post-Experience Programmes:

Dr Ann Parkinson

University of Reading Malaysia

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