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Selection and appointment

The role of Tutor is a compulsory part of the work of all academic staff, unless formally students in lecture theatreagreed otherwise with the Head of School. It is an important aspect of the role of academic staff and one that students find particularly supportive and useful.

Academic staff are expected to assess their performance as Tutors alongside their other roles as part of their Staff Development Review. 

A Tutor may wish to reduce a tutorial load or even to cease being a Tutor either permanently or temporarily and this should be discussed in the first instance with the Head of School. Staff Development Review also provides an appropriate opportunity for such discussion as the balance of workloads. However, with current staff/student ratios, it is the norm that each member of academic staff will serve as Tutor for a significant part of their career in the University.

The Centre for Quality Support and Development offers various opportunities which provide information, help and guidance as well as an opportunity for networking and the sharing of experiences and good practice.

Allocation of tutees

It is usually the responsibility of the Head of School or School Senior Tutor to allocate tutees. New students are allocated to Tutors who will be associated with the degree programme they intend to pursue. Tutors will receive notification of their tutees and some information about them, for example personal details, entry qualifications, chosen degree programme, etc. in advance of the first meeting in Welcome Week.

For new undergraduate students Personal Tutor group meetings are scheduled on the Tuesday of Welcome Week. It is essential that tutorial group meetings are followed up by individual meetings to allow personal concerns to be expressed.

Tutors will usually fulfil the role for the length of the tutees' time at university.  Therefore at any one time, a Tutor is likely to have a mixture of Part One, Two, Three (and Four) students.

Things to do now

Talk to your School Senior Tutor or Head of School if you are unhappy about your tutee allocation.

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