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Role of the Personal Tutor

The Personal Tutorial System has a vital role to play in enhancing students' academic and personal  development and is essential in ensuring students make the most of their time at university.

The role of the Personal Tutor is essentially twofold: academic development and pastoral care.


In order to carry out their responsibilities the tutor will normally be expected to undertake the following:

  • Maintain regular contact with each tutee (minimum of one meeting per term - this is in addition to the meeting that must take place during Welcome Week)
  • Assist students with their personal, professional and career development by:
    1. Encouraging and assisting with reflection on progress to date (including reflection on academic grades and feedback)
    2. Talking to students about the possibility of undertaking a work placement or study abroad option as part of their programme
    3. Raising awareness of internal opportunities available to students such as the RED Award, Student Ambassadors Scheme, Peer Mentoring etc. These opportunities could help to develop employability skills which are transferable to the workplace.
  • Follow up students who are not making satisfactory progress
  • Liaise with other members of academic staff as appropriate
  • Maintain awareness of other sources of support within the University and the Students' Union
  • Liaise with School offices (or equivalent)
  • Provide information regarding examinations
  • Document tutorial support in terms of general information on attendance so that non-attendance can be reported to Senior Tutors (a simple way of doing this is to keep a copy of emails sent to tutees and a brief note of attendance). There is no requirement to document the content of each meeting.
  • Write references.

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