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Routine Consultations

To make an appointment to see a doctor or nurse patients can phone us (on 0118 987 4551) or come into the Health Centre. Reception is open from Monday-Friday 8.00am – 6.30pm (except bank holidays). For details of our current extended hours, please ask at Reception. 

Telephone consultations

Patients can also make an appointment to speak to a doctor on the phone by calling 0118 987 4551.

Urgent appointments

For urgent problems, patients should phone us as early as possible, as we always release some appointments for patients who need medical attention on the same day. Otherwise, we put patients in touch with the duty doctor, who will arrange an appropriate time for them to be seen. We ask that patients do not arrive unannounced at the Health Centre unless the matter is extremely urgent.


In case of emergency, immediate advice is available by calling 0118 987 4551 at any time. We will arrange to see emergencies at any time between 8.00am and 6.30pm on weekdays. Outside those times callers are asked to call 111, the out-of-hours service.


The Medical Practice operates from the Health Centre on Northcourt Avenue. It provides comprehensive medical care for students under the National Health Service. The Practice has a staff of nine doctors, together with full supporting nursing and ancillary staff and provides all aspects of a General Practice. We offer additional facilities outside the NHS, including the services of a consultant psychiatrist.


When students have significant health problems affecting their academic performance, the doctors are always pleased, provided that they have the students' written consent, to discuss with Tutors how they may best be helped. 

If medical/counselling evidence is required for Programme Examiners' Meetings, students are asked to give consent for disclosure on the Extenuating Circumstances Form; the Medical Practice or Counselling and Wellbeing will then confirm the student's account. Please ensure that forms are signed and completed fully. Tutors should refer to procedures for mitigating circumstances as given in the Examination and Assessment Procedures Handbook (available from the Examinations Office).

Tutors should note that the Medical Practice does not routinely issue 'sick notes' to students when illness has interfered with their studies. Students often ask for certificates exempting them from overdue essays or assignments, but it would cause chaos for Schools if the doctors, whose duty is to give their patients the benefit of the doubt, were to comply with requests for such notes. Therefore, students who claim that they have been advised to obtain a medical certificate will usually be told to ask the tutor or lecturer concerned to contact the doctor directly, their consent for a reply having been documented in the medical notes.

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