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General health

Students should be encouraged to keep their Tutors fully informed on matters of ill health. This is Pink flowerimportant both to ensure that the student is receiving the appropriate support, and in cases where the illness contributes to examination failure, to enable the Tutor to present this as mitigating evidence.

Tutors should liaise with Support Centres (or equivalent), who will report to Student Services as appropriate, and should also keep the Sub-Dean informed. If a student feels that their examination performance has been affected by ill health (mental or physical), they should be advised to fill in an Extenuating Circumstances Form (available from Support Centres). But if they wish to have these countersigned by the Counselling or Health Service, some previous history of contact is required. Single assessments are available but will not necessarily provide proof of previous difficulties.

Students who suffer from serious or persistent ill health may need to re-consider their study options, for example programme suspension or a change to part-time study. The advice of a GP can be helpful in such circumstances. 

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