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Examination failure students in lecture theare

Tutors have an important role in supporting students following examination failure or underperformance. Such students will need to discuss the options open to them and decide on the best course of action.

Tutors should consider referring students who have failed examinations (resits as well as first attempts) to the Study Advisors and/or Counselling and Wellbeing.

Review of results

If a student believes there are genuine grounds for their examination result to be changed, they can request a review by the Standing Committee on Examination Results. Such students should consult their Tutor and Head of School and be advised to contact the Director of Academic Quality Support. Tutors are not routinely asked to provide information but are asked to be available in case the Committee wishes to see them.

Special arrangements for exams

Tutors are responsible for liaising with their School Disability Representative if they have a tutee who needs special arrangements for examinations, for example if they are dyslexic, have a physical disability or have psychological problems (e.g. panic attacks). The School Disability Representative will contact the Examinations Office to arrange the necessary provision.

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