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As with neglect of work, the role of the Tutor in matters of student discipline is primarily to try to Students in library avoid the need for formal disciplinary action by advising the student with regard to their conduct or behaviour and helping them to address any underlying problems. If the student lives in Hall, it is worth liaising with the relevant Warden; as disciplinary problems tend to occur outside of normal teaching hours, Wardens are often involved in dealing with them.

Tutors should not hesitate to consult with others such as their Senior Tutor, Head of School or Sub-Dean if they believe a case may need to be taken further.

Formal action

Generally the first step is to notify the Director of Student Learning and Teaching Services of an alleged breach of discipline and she will then arrange for it to be dealt with by a Pro-Vice-Chancellor who may refer the case to the Standing Disciplinary Committee. Where formal action is taken against a student, the advice of the Tutor will normally be sought by the relevant officer (generally a Pro-Vice-Chancellor) or by the Standing Disciplinary Committee. 

There is a Code of Conduct for those living in Halls, which can be found in the Halls handbooks on the Accommodation information for Current Students web pages.

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