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The Careers, Placement and Experience Centre (CPEC) can be a vital calling point at an early stage in a programme, Student in librarywhen concerns about its value and relevance can be addressed successfully. Students often feel more motivated when they realise the options open to them after graduation.

The University is keen to help students gain the most out of their time at university and develop skills that will put them at an advantage in the search for employment when they graduate. This is reflected in the embedding of Careers Learning within each degree and, from 2011-12, an appropriate placement element.

Part-time work, which many students need to help finance their studies, can also be valuable. The CPEC online JobShop offers both part-time work (full-time students are restricted to 16 hours per week during term-time) and vacation opportunities in the local area.

CPEC can also help students to find relevant work experience and placements whether as part of their programme or not. Vacancies are advertised on the CPEC website. Students can call and speak to a Placement & Development Officer linked to their degree about searching for work experience opportunities. They can also explore wider career opportunities and gain support in making career decisions from a Careers Adviser.

International Students are regular visitors to CPEC to look for term time opportunities and of course what they are going to do after they graduate. The Service is investing more support and building resources for International Students.

For further information Tutors can contact:

Emma Sowden, Placement and Development Manager:, extension 8354 for more information and advice on placements and work experience related questions.

Kevin Thompson, Senior Careers Adviser:, extension 8356, for information and advice on careers advice and careers education.

Recruitment Events

CPEC runs a wide variety of events that enable students from all disciplines to meet relevant employers. The key events are the large careers fairs held in October and late February/March each year. In addition there are a range of other fairs and related events such as Law fairs and Teaching fairs held at different times during the academic year. A number of employers also run presentations on campus – most of these are held in the Autumn Term with some events in the Spring Term. CPEC markets these to students very well.


It is also useful to alert students to the Headstart programme, a series of lunchtime skills workshops and talks that are open to all students. Students are offered the opportunity to develop skills, meet employers and demonstrate their commitment to career development. Further information about the Headstart programme is available from CPEC.

Mature Students and CPEC

We understand that Mature Students may have very different needs with their career planning and often need support. We can provide appropriate help in weighing up additional factors they may have in their job hunting such as family commitments, previous career background etc, and can offer some advice on producing a suitable plan of action.

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