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The University of Reading welcomes students with disabilities, Specific Learning Difficulties, mental Globe in handshealth difficulties and disabling medical conditions. Applicants to the University are accepted on their academic ability and cannot be rejected on grounds of disability without legally defensible reasons.

Through the Disability Discrimination the University is required by law to make courses accessible to disabled students. It should be noted that both the University and individual members of staff can be held liable for contravening the Act.

We aim for inclusivity in all aspects of University life and care needs to be taken to ensure that disabled students have equal access to all aspects of the Personal Tutorial System.

At the beginning of the academic year, the Disability Advisory Service disseminates information about disabled students to the Disability Representative for each Department. This information is held on RISIS and includes any adjustments or support that individual students may require. The Disability Rep should pass on any relevant information to Tutors who have tutees with disabilities.

Tutors who feel a student is struggling due to a potentially undiagnosed condition such as Dyslexia should encourage the student to access study support through the Study Advisers in the Carrington Building – 0118 378 4242 (x4242).

The Disability Advisory Service (DAS) is always available to offer advice and support to staff working with disabled students. DAS can give advice on best practice in working with disabled students and offer practical advice on adjustments. We can also advise staff who are faced with difficult decisions or requests concerning applicants or students with disabilities. Contact us in the first instance on 0118 378 8921 (x8921) or

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