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When is a Tutor off-duty?

In defining the Tutorial role, Tutors should also consider practical issues such as when they are Daisiesavailable and under what circumstances. You should ensure that your tutees know when you are available and how you prefer to be contacted. Email works well in both cases. 

The contractual position regarding the duty hours of a Tutor arise from academic staff contracts, which normally require members of staff to become Tutors if so needed and to work such hours as are necessary to carry out the duties associated with the post.

Because of the personal nature of the relationship between a Tutor and his or her tutees, a Tutor in some senses is never 'off duty' and should be prepared to respond to urgent student problems at any reasonable time. This does not mean however that one has to provide care personally 24 hours a day.

A Tutor is unlikely to go far wrong in practice if tutees are:

  • Made aware of routine times when a Tutor is available
  • Made aware of arrangements for cover during periods of Tutor absence
  • Made aware of the other services available within the University which back up the Tutorial System and how to access them in case of emergency or urgency, especially 'out of hours' (see the Directory).


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