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Whilst Tutors should recognise and encourage students to be independent and in control of their Student in the librarylearning, there is also a responsibility to ensure that non-attendance at Personal Tutorial meetings is followed up. Often, non-attendance is due to forgetfulness, laziness and/or the student having the misconception that they only need to see their Personal Tutor 'if they have a problem'.

There is always a real chance, however, that non-attendance is due to a more serious matter which makes investigating non-attendance an important part of being a Personal Tutor. Tutors are not expected to constantly chase students but should contact non-attendees at least once per term.

Non-attendees include both students who do not make appointments to see their Personal Tutors as well as those who make appointments but then do not attend the meetings.

At the end of each term, Personal Tutors should pass attendance lists to Senior Tutors (Senior Tutors may wish to follow-up non-attendees). Senior Tutors then report this to Student/Staff Committee (usually as % figures across the School).

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