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music practice roomsMusic practice rooms are available for University of Reading students and staff in Building L29, London Road campus.

Music Practice facilities:

  • Eight general purpose practice rooms; suitable for up to 5 people. No booking required.
  • Three studios available for ensemble practice. These must be booked at least a week in advance. Suitable for a maximum of 25 performers (G02 and G03).
  • All practice rooms have pianos
  • Studio G02 has a drum kit

The facility may be used for individual music practice and ensemble rehearsals, but is not available for private tuition or commercial activity.

The facility is open every day of the week:

  • Term time: Monday-Friday, 07.30-22.00. Weekends, 8.00-20.00.
  • Non-Term time: Every day, 08.00-20.00.
  • University Closure Dates: Closed.

No booking is required for the eight general purpose practice rooms; just turn up and find a room that is not in use.

Booking is required for the two studios in L29 and is only bookable by students and staff. Details of how to book will be attached with your confirmation of practice room access.

Entry to the music practice rooms is controlled through campus cards. The tariff for access per academic year (October to September) is below. Practice room users are required to reapply for access each year, and an email will be sent out inviting existing users to reapply before the beginning of each academic year.

Please apply in advance, as once you have paid for your access card, it may take up to 7 days for your card to be activated. Please click here to purchase access.

Tariff of fees for Music Practice Room access (per academic year):

  • £10.00 - University of Reading students who are RUMS committee members or ensemble directors.
  • £15.00 - University of Reading students
  • £20.00 - University of Reading staff
  • £30.00 - Community user
  • £100.00 - Community music group director.
    The full fee is required, whatever time of year you join.

Please make cheques payable to 'University of Reading.'

The fee for replacing a lost card is £10.00

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