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Pre-Audition Feedback

If you aren't sure about whether to apply because you don't know if your group is quite right, or ready enough, don't worry. We are offering the opportunity for pre-audition feedback in a relaxed and friendly environment. Dependent on the amount of interest, we may either offer individual slots, or hold a pre-audition showcase evening.

We will listen to your group play one of your potential audition pieces and offer constructive feedback that will give you an idea of what you need to work on before the audition.

This is not essential, and will not give you any advantage in the audition. It is up to you whether you take our advice or not. All we will judge is the performance and interview on the day.

To request pre-audition feedback, please email and let us know what type of ensemble you are, and what piece you would like us to listen to. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a date and time. 

Application and Set List examples:

We have created an example application form and set list to give you an idea of what needs to go in to both. The example set list was created for a Perfect Fifth performance, and one of the ensemble members has annotated it to show the thought process behind each choice.

Example Application Form

Example Set List

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