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Head of Department

The Head of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics will provide leadership and management for research and teaching in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

The following are the main duties and responsibilities of the Head of Department, to be carried out with the support of and appropriate delegation to the Departmental Management Committee, the Departmental Research Committee, the Undergraduate Programme Committee, and other academic and support staff with key administrative responsibilities:

  • Provide academic leadership to the department in research, teaching, and all related activities.
  • Working with the Head of School and the Departmental Management Committee, develop strategic plans for the department, especially as they relate to the development of research and teaching in Mathematics and Statistics, and assist the Head of School and the School Director of Teaching and Learning in preparing strategic plans for the wider school.
  • Propose spending priorities from the departmental budget, whilst taking an overview of the financial health of the department.
  • Allocate workload, namely teaching, management and administration duties required to carry out the teaching and research activities of the department.
  • Organise provision of study leave opportunities within the department.
  • Provide an effective line management structure within the department, including acting as line manager to senior academic staff in the department.
  • Encourage and support personal development of all staff in the department, in particular ensuring effective implementation of the PDR process.
  • Recommend staff for promotion, additional increments, one-off payments, etc., through the Academic Titles and Rewarding Excellence processes and School Promotions Committee, and provide support to ensure that cases submitted are of high quality.
  • Ensure that departmental activities support University and School equality and diversity objectives, Athena Swan principles, and our Athena Swan action plan.
  • Facilitate the acquisition of funding for research activity in the department, through the identification of funding opportunities and the implementation of effective peer support for grant applications.
  • Facilitate the publication of high quality research outputs within the department, through provision of appropriate resources and implementation of effective peer support for publications.
  • Facilitate the development of impactful research, through liaising with potential industrial, commercial and other partners, and providing appropriate support and advice to enable impact to be achieved.
  • Encourage a strong and vibrant research environment within the department, and that the department plays a significant leadership role nationally and internationally to the discipline and research base.
  • Encourage within the department the achievement of high standards of teaching, assessment, and academic and pastoral support of students.
  • Ensure that appropriate arrangements are in place for the recruitment and retention of undergraduate and postgraduate students in the department.
  • Give thought to the space needs of the department.
  • Lead in the recruitment of new academic and other staff, e.g. making cases for new staff, preparing adverts and further particulars, pro-actively seeking candidates.
  • Provide leadership in terms of promoting the department to the University and externally.
  • Participate in the senior leadership of the School, in particular as member of the School Steering Committee and the School Promotions Committee.

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