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Director of Outreach to Schools

The Director of Outreach to Schools will be responsible for promoting and supporting relevant outreach activities that the Department is involved in. The principal duties of the post holder, which are subject to alteration, are as follows:

  • a member and alternate chair of the 'Student Tutoring' Steering Group;
  • a member of the South East Further Mathematics Support Programme Advisory Committee;
  • a member of the Berks, Bucks and Oxon (BBO) Maths Hub Steering Committee;
  • (the post-holder is also a member of a number of national committees on education and education-related matters, but these are outwith this remit);
  • promotion and support for the following initiatives:
  • Student Tutoring which aims to raise the aspirations of pupils in schools and to encourage them to continue in education beyond the age of 16 years, by placing students currently in Higher Education in the classroom alongside teachers, to give help and to act as positive role models.
  • Student Recruitment and Outreach who organise and run a range of outreach activities on and off campus to raise the aspiration and ability of young people, including support for the Higher Education Summer Schools, and through events on opportunities in Higher Education and Careers.
  • Project in Mathematics Enrichment (PRIME) Project seeks to develop resources, masterclases, outreach sessions, careers information, including: 'Internet Transactions-how secure are they?', 'Maths - just sum fun - Fibonacci numbers', 'Primes and Proof', 'Maths - 100% proof?', 'Codes and Code Breaking', 'Careers involving maths - why you should take it', and are all aimed at schools.
  • - a number of colleagues are STEMNET Ambassadors enabling teachers to make links from the curriculum to how STEM is practised in the world of work, illuminating applications across a vast range of careers.
  • South East Further Mathematics Support Programme is an initiative making Further Maths available to all pupils in the South East. The Maths and Stats Department is a member of the FMSP and hosts and contributes to study days which are open to all Further Maths pupils and supported by local students.
  • Magnificent Maths Day - Departmental Event including sessions on: Cops and robbers on graphs, Polymer maths, From crime scene to court, Forecast Factory, To infinity and beyond ...?, Infectious disease.
  • Summer School - a two day Departmental event including sessions on: Internet transactions - how secure are they?, Polymer maths, To infinity and beyond ...?, Maths of Crime Scene Investigation, The weather forecast factory, Cops and robbers on graphs, What is a mathematician.
  • Year 10 Masterclasses, in conjunction with the NCETM and Berks, Bucks and Oxon (BBO) Maths Hub, to raise aspirations and participation in mathematics post-16 as part of the National Collaborative Project

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