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Life Sciences

Life Sciences at the University of Reading covers the breadth of the biological-chemical sciences and their application to the real world with which we all interact: from embryology and child development, through human behaviour (economics and psychology), to ageing.

Human well-being is supported directly by agriculture, horticulture, food and nutrition together with biomedicine and pharmacy. Moreover, our teaching and research seeks to understand biodiversity and its conservation in current and future climates worldwide in the context of human development and poverty alleviation. Our staff and students are cosmopolitan with high international reputations in our teaching and research, the impacts of our research regionally, nationally and globally, and in the achievements of our graduates.

The Joint Faculties Office

The Joint Faculties Office is responsible for the Faculty of Life Sciences, the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Science, providing administrative support for each Faculty's Dean, Teaching and Learning Deans and for academic staff. Further information and resources are available from the Joint Faculties Office website.

The Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences is Professor Richard Ellis, the Teaching and Learning Dean is Dr Amanda Callaghan, (covering Dr Orla Kennedy until end of June 2016).

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