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Training Introduction

  • Course Aims shows all the aims and objectives of the IT Training Documents.
  • All the IT Training Documents are in tutorial style notes so they can be used to teach yourself at any time. These cover Microsoft Office (most have been updated to 2013), including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access and Outlook, and work through from Level 1 (Essentials) through Level 2 (Intermediate) up to Level 3 (Hints & Tips, Advanced).
  • Blackboard Training tells you how to get support on Blackboard.
  • An IT Getting Started PowerPoint presentation automatically appears the very first time that a user logs into an IT Lab PC, and should also be available on all IT Lab PCs via the Teach Yourself group from the [start] button followed by All Programs. It is very worthwhile going through this presentation at least once as it gives both useful and important information.
  • Most materials are available for (University of Reading) teaching, and can be used (on-line or printed) or copied and adapted (subject to the copyright conditions).

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Last Edited: 16 June 2016 | First Published: 13 December 2006

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