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Visiting Staff/Students or Guest Usernames

The University of Reading is a member of the JANET Roaming Service (JRS), which in turn is a member of the eduroam federation. Members of the University of Reading, as well as members of institutions participating in the JANET Roaming or Eduroam are welcome to use the University's guest networks provided they agree to the University's Rules for the Use of Computers and Data Networks.

Full details can be found Guest Networks

Visitors to the University requiring short term access in order to check email at their own institution or to use PCs to complete work can be supplied with Guest Access. Guest Access is valid from the time of collection until Sunday. Access in following weeks will require a new Guest Access account.

Visitors to the University for longer periods of time may apply for a Visitor account which will be valid until they leave the University. This can be applied for using the and needs to be countersigned by the the Head of Department from the host department at Reading.

Visiting staff or students without a host department at Reading will need confirmation of their request (usually a fax or email) from their home institution confirming their academic computing requirement, and how long they need access for.

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