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Introduction to Installing a new Dell PC with the Windows XP Staff Image

It is now possible to order new Dell PCs with an ITS prepared Staff Image pre-installed. If necessary, ITS can supply the same image on a set of bootable CDs. This image includes the following software:

  • Windows XP Professional SP3®
  • Internet Explorer 7 ®
  • Outlook Express 6 ®
  • Office 2007 Professional ®
  • Sophos antivirus software
  • Acrobat Reader
  • Aladdin Expander
  • printer drivers for common printers that do not have their drivers already available in Windows XP

This will hopefully save you time as you will not need to install these applications. Some configuration of the computer is still necessary when it is connected to the network,   describes the steps involved. This assumes that the person setting up the computer is reasonably familiar with configuring the Windows XP operating system. If you are not, you might prefer to get someone to set up the PC for you.

IMPORTANT: before you start

  1. If you need an IP address from ITS complete the IP Address Application Form - Staff Only. Your PC is automatically registered for DHCP at the same time. You will need to know the Ethernet card address (MAC address) to register the PC for DHCP, the details should be either on or in the box the PC came in.
  2. If the new PC has not had the Staff Image pre-installed by Dell, ITS can supply the image on bootable CDs. However, there are additional costs; you will need to buy a Ghost Licence for each PC and either ask ITS for a loan set of CDs or pay our usual handling fee for a set to keep.

When you set up the PC you must change the Administrator password from the one given to you by ITS Help. If you do not, other people in the University will be able to log in to your PC as Administrator.

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