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As part of the Efficiency and Effectiveness programme the IT team now has responsibility for support of University owned IT devices across campus. To support these devices the Enabling Technology programme has run a Remote Support project to implement new solutions to improve the efficiency of the support provided.

Our Remote Support project was split into two: firstly, implementing a software tool (Bomgar) to support staff working on PCs; secondly, providing remote support to all A/V equipment located in all centrally bookable rooms at the Whiteknights campus.

To provide support to all A/V equipment a remote monitoring and support software tool (Fusion RV) has been implemented for the A/V support team to use. In addition, network ports were installed in the centrally bookable rooms and the A/V equipment was connected to the network. We then replaced the button (control) panels in each of the rooms with models that support remote monitoring and control.

99 new button (control) panels and 112 new network ports have been installed in Agriculture, Palmer, HumSS, Mathematics, Lyle, Harborne, Systems Engineering, URS, Library S@IL, Knight, Blanford Lodge Reception, Henley Business School, Engineering, Food Bioscience, Miller, Hopkins, JJ Thompson, Chemistry and Meteorology buildings.

Completing this project now means that:

  1. We have standard A/V equipment in centrally bookable teaching rooms across the University. This brings ease of use for A/V equipment for all users of the rooms and improves their experience.
  2. The A/V team are now able to resolve many issues without a visit to the room. This has made the team more efficient and ensured that problems get resolved more quickly.
  3. Proactive feedback and alerts are received by the A/V team which allows for a more effective service. For example, the team is now able to tell what the remaining lamp hours are on any projector and replace the lamps before they blow. As a result, all users should not be delayed by preventable maintenance issues.
  4. Lecture time has been saved through less projector "downtime" and, when there are issues, they are resolved much more quickly.
  5. With the technical training the A/V team have had they can provide more efficient and effective support to teaching staff. Further technical training continues to allow us to reduce our reliance on external suppliers when installing new projectors.
  6. Through the project we have provided remote access to our external suppliers so that they can access and resolve issues, as well as deploy software updates if required, without having to come on site. This is reducing our support costs.
  7. The project has provided the foundation, and a standard solution, for further remote support implementation for other locations e.g. Greenlands campus.

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Last Edited: 19 April 2016 | First Published: 5 November 2015

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