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Finance and procurement records

The Finance and Procurement departments have well established record retention policies.


The current schedule for Finance is summarised in Retention of Documents Schedule (PDF-116KB) in the Financial Manual.


The first box on the first page of the Retention of Documents Schedule should contain sufficient detail for most purposes, indicating that (other than PAYE records) most financial records should be held for 6 years, with some only requiring 3 years retention.


Procurement retention schedules are given in the Procurement Policy (PDF-305KB).

As noted in the schedule, for those using the P2P (Purchase to Pay) system, order records are held electronically within the system. These records do not need to be printed and held on paper. So for purchases made using this system, you only need to retain delivery notes (for 3 years).

Tender documentation is held by Procurement, and so departments only need to hold such records during the tender process.


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