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The aim of Information Strategy is to ensure that the University has an information environment which is as encouraging of excellent academic endeavour and professional support as it can be within the resources available. Download the University's Information Framework (PDF-132KB) and its associated Quick Guide to University Policies (PDF-108KB).

Information Strategy principles

University information needs to:

1. be fit for purpose

within the context of the University's mission, corporate plan and related strategies and in terms of accuracy, relevance, consistency and completeness, currency and timeliness, audience, accessibility, longevity and medium.

2. be held and used with respect [or conform] to legal, contractual and local policy and rules

3. have a clearly identified custodian

with the following responsibilities clearly assigned and agreed by that custodian:

  • maintenance (via data entry or issuing of reminders)
  • provision of appropriate checks and audits
  • procedures for promoting availability of the data and mediating/agreeing appropriate access  
  • provision of appropriate indexing and search facilities
  • appropriate read and write access ensured
  • appropriate archive, preservation and disposal procedures
  • observation of these principles and appropriate policies
  • (seeking) resourcing of the above.

4. be collected, held and made available effectively and efficiently

for example -

  • collected/maintained once only, and as close to source as possible/feasible
  • with appropriate links to related information
  • with provision of appropriate search and retrieval facilities
  • with clear procedures for negotiating access
  • with clearly authorised working source (usually in e-format) and master copy

5. be publicised and shared appropriately

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