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i-opener: Information-infrastructure for object, paper and electronic-networked resources

i-opener is a new one year programme designed to help the University make more of its information infrastructure.

Over the past three decades, the University has invested hugely in its information infrastructure, from storage of objects within its museums, through archives and rare books in its libraries to digital storage and modernised electronic communications across campus. £20m from external sources including donations from individuals and trusts and the Heritage Lottery Fund is helping the University update its basic information systems from storage for museum objects, archives and books, to information helpdesks to digital storage and state of the art electronic cabling. These may be exciting to those working closely with them but rarely capture headlines and more often than not fall into the category of 'information drains' - taken for granted and out of sight.

With support from the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, i-opener: the wagons to photons project, seeks to improve the use of these resources by encouraging all members of the University to input ideas and effort into making practical changes to our usage of systems.


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