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i-continue: Sustainability of ICT infrastructure

The i-continue project is an investigation into the methods currently used by UK higher and further education institutions to sustain and develop their ICT and information systems infrastructure.

ICT is a driver as well as a tool and sustainability does not necessarily mean that we can run today's technology tomorrow. If it did we would all still be supporting teletypes on a mainframe. Even if our institutions did not change their aims at all, we cannot now guess at the ICT environment in decades to come. This is what makes ICT sustainability complex.

For the purpose of this study we define ICT sustainability as: 'the extent to which choices made today enable the institution in the future to have access to the ICT it needs'

i-continue is funded under the JISC Management and Leadership programme and is led by Information Management and Policy Services (IMPS) at the University of Reading, in collaboration with LISU at Loughborough University. A number of other organisations in higher and further education have also given their support to this study, including UCISA and SFEU.


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